Scarlet Macaw: Bird Species Profile

August 14, 2020

Largely concerned by bird enthusiasts as the best wonderful parrot, scarlet macaws are actually one of one of the most multicolored. They have large sound examples of reddish, blue, and yellowish plumes. This glittery, potent bird has plenty of electricity and also has a huge personality. This sizable parrot quickly makes the list of many popular parrots annually.

Variety Overview
COMMON NAME: Scarlet macaw

TAXONOMIC NAME( S): Ara macao along with 2 subspecies: Ara macao cyanoptera (Central America) and also Ara macao (South America).

GROWNUP SIZE: 35 inches long, evaluating 2 to 3 pounds.

LONGEVITY: 80 years or even more, though 40 to fifty years is more typical.

Beginning as well as History.

Scarlet macaws are actually native to the tropical jungle areas of Central as well as South America. Its own chosen habitat is moist evergreen forests at elevations coming from about 1,000 to 3,000 feets. In bush, it lives mostly in the canopy and also topmost layers of the trees.

This types has an extensive all-natural variation, but it is actually threatened in lots of regions as a result of logging as well as prohibited capturing for the pet business. The scarlet macaw is on the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) Appendix 1 checklist. The business trade of these untamed birds is forbidden, which implies the bring in of these birds to the U.S. is actually unlawful.


The scarlet’s striking plumage might be what initially draws your focus, but its own individual maintains you enraptured. Scarlet macaws are actually intelligent birds with a great quantity of power and also character.

Scarlet macaws that have actually been actually hand-trained or hand-raised could be really tender. They bring in great companions along with a wonderful personality.

If you maintain this bird as an only family pet, you become its own flockmate and may develop a strong connection. To maintain this bird as a tame housemate, you will need to be actually mindful as well as socialize with it every time.

Scarlet macaws are actually distinctive birds that might end up being fixated on someone. To avoid this habits, train them from a very early grow older to fraternize every family member.

This bird’s remarkably big beak is powerful. If produced, it can bite. This bird might not be actually a fantastic fit for families with children that are actually too youthful to understand bird indicator or even borders.

Scarlets, like all macaws, are actually loud sometimes. They can easily learn just how to speak, although its own gold as well as blue macaw cousin is actually understood to become the more respected talker.

Speech and also Vocalizations.

Confident as well as pleasant, scarlets are actually normally anxious to learn secrets as well as cultivate a lexicon of 5 to 10 phrases. Scarlets may obtain extremely loud which might produce all of them a questionable choice for those staying in condominiums or apartment or condos. You may prefer to presume regarding acquiring yet another bird types if you are vulnerable to loud sounds.

Scarlet Macaw Colors as well as Markings.

Some birds may have a band of eco-friendly where the yellow satisfies the blue. There is no evident technique to predict apart the males coming from ladies; to think this out, the bird needs hereditary or operative sexing.

Taking care of the Scarlet Macaw.

Macaws are the biggest of the parrots. A scarlet macaw is actually best fit for a sizable space and will not prosper in a crate that is very little. It requires a great deal of out-of-cage time, and also if it doesn’t receive it, the bird might create behavior issues.

When a week, provide your macaw a bathroom or even hose pipe down your bird along with warm water using the fine-mist setting of your handheld downpour sprayer.

To stop your bird coming from flying with an available window or even door, trim its major airfoil feathers.

Common Health Problems.

Scarlet macaws, like other huge parrots, are prone to self-mutilation and also feather plucking when they are actually punctured or ignored.

These birds are prone to a wide array of dietary disorders and diseases, including macaw squandering syndrome (proventricular dilation health condition), parrot fever (psittacosis), and also psittacine beak as well as plume disease (virus-like disease).

If you offer challenging chewable playthings and also tough surfaces for the macaws to trim their beaks, disordered beaks are actually likewise in some cases a problem; this may be actually avoided.

Diet regimen and also Nutrition.

Nuts, leaves behind, berries, as well as seeds from the rainforest make up the bulk of the scarlet macaw’s diet regimen. Its powerful, hooked beak is best for breaking nuts and seeds.

The best diet regimen for a macaw in captivity starts along with a developed parrot mix that features a variety of seeds, dried fruit products, and nuts. An all-seed diet is actually exceptionally harmful for these birds.

An ordinary bird weighs around 2 extra pounds. You can easily expect a bird will certainly consume regarding 1/2 mug of food items every day, which translates to regarding 100 pounds of food items per year.


Macaws are sizable birds as well as require substantial space and time to play and also stretch their muscle mass. These are active birds naturally. These birds require the methods to burn off energy. A scarlet macaw should be actually allowed outside of the crate for a minimum of 2 hrs a day; 5 hrs is actually optimum.

Revolve an assorted supply of chew toys to aid it exercise its own powerful beak and also mandibles. Durable toys that may take a beating help the mandible muscles while providing a channel for the chewing instinct.

A play health and fitness center or a parrot payload web that allows your macaw to climb up and also play may be a fantastic task to assist your bird satisfy its workout requirements.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Scarlet Macaw.

Scarlet macaws are actually generally offered simply at bird specialty animal retail stores or through breeders. They can easily cost $2,000 to $4,000. The cost variety depends on the breeder, if it was actually hand-raised, and its vibrancy.

Savings or even adopting organizations might get this bird lost hope through owners incapable to take care of them. Some on the web resources you can easily attempt include:.

  • Bird Breeders.
  • Free Flight.
  • Adopt a Pet.

Ask the dog breeder long they have actually been breeding as well as operating along with the varieties if you’re going the dog breeder course. Tour their center. When exploring their stock, look for indications of good general health of the group. The birds must be sharp as well as energetic along with bright eyes, tidy feathers, as well as complete plants.

Commonly regarded through bird aficionados as the most stunning parrot, scarlet macaws are actually one of the very most colorful. The commercial exchange of these untamed birds is actually prohibited, which means the import of these birds to the U.S. is prohibited.

If you are actually delicate to loud sounds, you may really want to presume about receiving another bird varieties.

Macaws are big birds and require substantial area and time to play as well as stretch their muscle mass. The birds need to be sharp and also energetic along with brilliant eyes, well-maintained plumes, as well as complete plants.

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